Storm Damage Restoration Services

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Just One Call and 1 Hour Away

Get your Long Island property back to normal after a severe weather event with our emergency services and experienced restoration team.

With over 20 years of experience, Lux is Long Island’s trusted team for storm damage restoration services.

Water extraction

We quickly pump out water and dry the property.

Debris removal

We clear debris, fallen trees, and hazardous materials after a severe weather event.

Pre-loss condition

Our repair services rebuild any structural storm damage to your property.

Free insurance aid

We help every step of the way and work with all insurance companies.

Certified technicians

Our expert team is IICRC- and EPA-certified.

24/7 disaster recovery

Our emergency services arrive within one hour to prevent further damage.

What Our Customers Say

“This place was a LIFE SAVER! Waking up to a flooded basement was one of the worst feelings. And after calling another place that was absolutely NO help, stumbling upon LUX Restoration was a God sent. They were professional, calming, even humorous. Bill texted me step by step. While I was work and my parents were home awaiting their arrival, I was kept informed. I knew when they arrived, what the resolution was, and the cost. They left equipment to continue adequate drying so as to avoid a moldy situation and came back in just a few days to check everything out. By the way, they were surprisingly affordable for such a huge undertaking. I can’t thank them enough and will recommend them time and time again.”

– Michele F., Flood Damage in Setauket, NY

Lux Restoration, Bill Giardelli, and his colleague Thomas Cortex were wonderful to work with. They were very responsive, including on the weekend at what most would regard as an inconvenient hour, they were very thorough in investigating the cause of the flooding, finding not just one but several causes showing that they made sure that they did not miss anything, and they were very reasonable in their costs for doing everything from start to finish. They made recommendations, offered very reasonable explanations as to why they recommended something, and they were very upfront and honest about what was necessary and what was not. I could not have asked for better service, and so I highly recommend them without reservation. Thank you Bill, Thomas, and Lux.”

– Lawrence J., Flood Damage in Stony Brook, NY

A big thank you to Bill Giardelli. This is now the second occasion we’ve had to use Lux Development Group for an important renovation project at our home, and both times they exceeded our highest expectations. From conception through the smallest detail in the execution, they are skilled in their craft and driven by a desire to make their clients happy… and we certainly are. Will ABSOLUTELY use Lux again.

– Clarity Cottage

24/7 emergency response for when natural disaster strikes

Lux specializes in storm damage restoration services that stormproof your property for Long Island’s coastal weather.

We repair all types of damage, from hurricane-damaged roofs to flooded basements.

Our emergency response teams are on standby 24/7 to start damage mitigation with just one hour of response time.

Heavy rains and high winds forecasted…

Severe weather events are becoming increasingly common for Long Island residents. 

From 1980 to 2024, the state of New York has had 86 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each.

These recurring weather events and frequent natural disasters cause extensive structural damage to Long Island properties over time. 

How to storm-proof your property

Need help making your property storm-proof? As a storm damage restoration company, Lux has the experience and know-how to improve your property’s resilience.

Structural reinforcement

Work with experts to improve structural integrity using reinforced concrete and steel.

Storm protection

Install impact-resistant windows, roof shingles, and doors that meet the standards for hurricane zones.


Install waterproofing membranes in the foundation and wall. Consider installing a pump system for water extraction.


Trim trees to reduce storm damage risk. Resilient plants can mitigate the impact of winds and rain, as can drainage and gutters.

Emergency plan

Develop an emergency plan and educate everyone on evacuation procedures.

Regular maintenance

Inspect hurricane shutters, drainage, backup generators, and pumps before disaster strikes.

Why choose Lux for storm damage repair?

Lux is the trusted disaster recovery service for property owners to save their Long Island property, however extensive the damage may be.

Our fully certified restoration professionals understand and treat all types of damages that can result from severe weather events, including

Water damage
Wind damage
Hurricane damage
Hail damage
Mold growth
Fire damage
Tree damage

After completing the emergency board-up, water extraction, and debris removal, our restoration team takes great care to fully reconstruct your property to pre-loss conditions. We also handle claims with all major insurers.

Our compassionate and professional team is available and ready for dispatch 24/7, so you can rely on us when a natural disaster strikes.

Lux handles your insurance claim at zero cost

After a devastating storm damages your home, the last thing you need is to battle insurance companies for your claim.

For peace of mind, let us handle the paperwork.

We work with all insurance providers and fight for fair compensation – at zero added cost.

Certified for water damage restoration

Severe weather events don’t just cause property damage. They also leave hazardous materials that demand professional handling.

Every member of our staff is highly trained and fully accredited to keep your property safe and everyone in it healthy.

What to do when returning home from a storm?

1. Safety first

Before entering your property, inspect the foundation, stairs, walls, and roof. When in doubt, don’t enter

2. Check for hazards

Watch out for power lines, gas leaks, and structural damage. Avoid standing water.

3. Call disaster recovery

A quick response halts further damage. We arrive within 60 minutes of your call.

What is our storm damage restoration process?

Lux specializes in remediating property damage through our proven restoration process.

Our storm damage repair services follow these six steps for a fully restored and storm-proof property:

commercial storm damage

1. Storm impact assessment

A full inspection reveals all areas affected by possible types of storm damage.

2. Board-up services

Boarding up compromised windows and walls, and placing roof tarps prevents further damage and intrusion.

3. Water extraction

Water causes mold growth and structural decay. We pump out water and dry out the property with special tools.

4. Debris removal

Fallen trees, scattered debris, compromised materials, and biohazards like asbestos are carefully removd.

5. Cleaning and sanitizing

We ensure a healthy living environment, from mold remediation to chemical disinfection.

6. Restoration services

We fully rebuild all areas with storm damage, from foundations to roofs and other structural repairs.


What is storm damage restoration?

Storm damage restoration is the full process of repairing damage to private or commercial property caused by severe weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and thunderstorms. These natural disasters can cause all kinds of destruction, from water damage and mold growth to fire and hail damage

For that reason, storm damage restoration requires immediate response and many steps, including

  • Assessing the storm impact
  • Securing the site
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Debris removal
  • Cleaning and disinfection. 

Only after full storm damage remediation can structural repairs be made and the property restored to pre-loss condition.

From start to finish, Lux’s certified storm damage repair service handles every part of the process and keeps property owners informed every step of the way. We respond 24/7 and are on-site in 60 minutes to start a full assessment and disaster recovery.

How do you recover from storm damage?
Recovering your home from storm damage requires the help of storm damage restoration services since the damage is often structural and diverse. This may include water seeping into the foundations or biohazard contamination. A DIY approach can cause further damage down the road and health hazards for occupants.

Lux provides full commercial and residential storm damage restoration services. We immediately dispatch a team to halt further damage and begin repairs within moments of arrival. From there, our EPA and IIRC-certified staff restore your property to pre-loss conditions.

How much does storm damage recovery cost?
The damage a severe weather event can cause varies from case to case, as do costs. Factors like flooding, structural compromise, and reconstruction all impact the final cost. If you’re insured, those costs could be covered by your insurance company.

Lux works directly with insurance providers to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for homeowners and business owners.

Do you work with all insurance companies for storm damage claims?

Yes, Lux has experience working with all kinds of different insurance policies and with all insurance providers to successfully file storm damage claims. Our team assists in all paperwork and communication along every step of the way, at no additional costs, and for your peace of mind.

We believe in fair compensation and charge no costs for our insurance aid.

Does homeowner insurance cover storm damage restoration?
Most homeowner insurance policies cover storm damage from storm events. However, the specifics vary. Some severe weather events that can be categorized as natural disasters might be exempted from the coverage. That’s why it’s important to adjust your coverage based on the risk you are exposed to. Long Island sees a lot of storm surges, which could call for a separate flood insurance policy to get compensated for storm damage restoration services.

Home insurance can help homeowners cover the costs of storm damage repair services,
but the coverage varies depending on the policy and the insurer. Lux helps navigate insurance policies and fights on behalf of the property owner for fair compensation.

Do I need a certified storm damage restoration company?
Because storms can cause all kinds of structural damage and health hazards, it is recommended to contract a professional storm damage restoration company. This ensures the safe restoration of your property and minimizes future health risks for occupants.

Lux adheres to the latest industry standards and best practices in storm damage restoration. As Long Island’s trusted disaster recovery service, we fully comply with all regulations and safety standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Storm damage restoration service area

With 15 storm damage restoration and repair offices located strategically across Long Island and New York, there’s always a local team near your property. We have 17+ years of experience and are on-site within an hour and start restoration srvices immediately.