Sewage Cleanup on Long Island

Sewage Cleanup on Long Island

Don’t Panic, Call Lux. We’ll Handle the Rest

Lux Restoration’s discreet cleanup leaves no trace, except for a sparkling property.

Lux has over 20 years of experience in all types of sewage cleanup and restoration across Long Island.

Rapid clean-up

Get started in 60 minutes and back to 100% in days.

Certified expert help

We’re fully qualified and fully equipped.

Compassionate service

We treat each clean-up with sensitivity and respect.

Permanent disinfection

Our ultra-deep clean removes odors forever.

Quick and quiet

Efficient and discreet: you’d never know we were there.

Leave your claim to us

We’ll deal with your insurance provider, from start to finish.

What Our Customers Say

“Lux was a LIFE SAVER! Waking up in a flooded basement was one of the worst feelings. And after calling another place that was absolutely NO help, stumbling upon LUX Restoration was a God sent.They were professional, calming, even humorous. Bill texted me step by step. While I was work and my parents were home awaiting their arrival, I was kept informed. I knew when they arrived, what the resolution was, and the cost. They left equipment to continue adequate drying so as to avoid a moldy situation and came back in just a few days to check everything out. By the way, they were surprisingly affordable for such a huge undertaking. I can’t thank them enough and will recommend them time and time again.”

– Michele F., Flood Damage in Setauket, NY

“Lux Restoration, Bill Giardelli, and his colleague Thomas Cortex were wonderful to work with. They were very responsive, including on the weekend at what most would regard as an inconvenient hour, they were very thorough in investigating the cause of the flooding, finding not just one but several causes showing that they made sure that they did not miss anything, and they were very reasonable in their costs for doing everything from start to finish. They made recommendations, offered very reasonable explanations as to why they recommended something, and they were very upfront and honest about what was necessary and what was not. I could not have asked for better service, and so I highly recommend them without reservation. Thank you Bill, Thomas, and Lux.”

– Lawrence J., Flood Damage in Stony Brook, NY

“Lux cleaned up the water damage to the basement, in addition to removing the old walls which had mold and the asbestos tile floor. They removed the old cellotex ceiling, tested for asbestos in the home and restored the basement. They installed new walls, with new paint, installed a new grid ceiling with LED lighting, and new vinyl floors. All this was done during Covid and they took all precautions, were extremely courteous and professional, and exceptionally neat and clean. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.”

– Barbara M., Water Damage Restoration in Coram, NY

Rapid sewage cleanup services

Don’t waste another minute

The longer sewage is left to fester, the deeper the damage.

Our certified technicians arrive in 60 minutes of your call, equipped to handle any sewage backup situation.

We use advanced tools and techniques for a fast and efficient clean-up, minimizing disruption to your life.

Qualified water damage restoration experts

Peace of mind starts with expertise

Our crews are IICRC- and EPA-certified, meaning we have the training and experience to handle sewage cleanup safely and effectively.
We use the latest biohazard protocols and prioritize containing the mess to prevent further damage.

Experienced water damage restoration company

We understand your stress

Sewage backups are an unpleasant experience.
Our compassionate service team treats you with respect and understands the sensitivity of the situation.
We’ll work efficiently to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Customer-friendly cleaning services

Get rid of harmful bacteria…for good

Safety first.
Sewage contains harmful bacteria and pathogens that threaten your health.
Our multi-step cleaning process goes beyond the surface level.

We use hospital-grade disinfectants to eliminate these hazards permanently, ensuring the safety of your family and home.

Rapid property damage repair

Minimum disruption, maximum results

We understand the desire for privacy.
Our efficient cleaning methods minimize noise and disruption, helping us to quickly restore your home while remaining discreet.

Inviting friends around the next day? They’ll never know we were there.

Insurance claim specialists

We’ll take care of the insurance

Dealing with insurance claims after a sewage backup can be overwhelming.
Lux Restoration can help!

We work directly with all insurance companies to get you a fair payout, so you can focus on what matters: getting your life back on track.

Long Island, New York Specialists

Our network of 15 satellite offices means we’re never far from you.

Why choose Lux?

Lux has over 20 years of experience dealing with all types of sewage cleanups, from wastewater spills to flood waters.

Our certified technicians handle everything, including emergency response, deep disinfection, and complete restoration.

We prioritize your health and safety with advanced cleaning methods and work discreetly to minimize disruption.

Let Lux get your home back to fresh, worry-free living.

How to deal with a sewer backup

1. Put your health first

Sewage backups pose health risks.

Re-enter your property only when authorities deem it safe.

2. Minimize damage

Call sewage damage experts immediately.

A quick response minimizes further water damage and prevents the spread of harmful bacteria.

3. Leave it to experts

Don’t attempt sewage cleanup yourself.

Certified technicians are equipped to handle the mess safely and effectively, protecting your health and property.

Focus on recovery, we’ll handle the rest.

Our sewage cleanup process in six steps

Disaster strikes? Don’t panic!
Lux Restoration is here with fast and effective sewage cleanup.
Here’s how it works:

1. Emergency response

We arrive within 60 minutes to assess the damage and contain the situation.

2. Safe sewage removal

We use advanced equipment to remove sewage water and contaminated materials.

3. Thorough cleaning & disinfection

Our hospital-grade disinfectants come next, to eliminate bacteria and pathogens, preventing health hazards and lingering odors.

4. Dehumidification & drying

Powerful dehumidifiers and air movers ensure complete drying, preventing mold growth and structural damage

5. Restoration services

Our team can handle full sewage restoration, from repairing drywall and flooring to restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.

6. Insurance assistance

We’ll work directly with your insurance company to streamline the claim process.

Sewage cleanup FAQs

What happens after a sewage backup floods my basement?
Sewage backups can cause significant water damage and pose health risks due to raw sewage containing harmful bacteria.
Lux Restoration offers emergency service and a full restoration process. We’ll assess the affected areas, including walls, floors, and crawlspaces, for water damage and potential microbial growth.

Our certified technicians then remove contaminated water and sewage using safe and effective methods.

Can I clean up a sewage backup myself?
A Sewage backup cleanup is a risky task due to the health hazards involved.
Raw sewage contains bacteria and pathogens that can cause serious illness.

Lux Restoration has the proper equipment and training to safely handle sewage mediation.

We use hospital-grade disinfectants and ensure proper disposal of contaminated materials.

What if the sewage backup was caused by a clog?
Clogs in sewer lines can lead to sewage backups.

We can identify the source of the clog, whether it’s tree roots, blockages within the plumbing system, or foreign objects. Our technicians can remove the clog and recommend preventative measures to prevent future backups.

My house smells like sewage after a cleanup. What can I do?
Sewage odors can be persistent after a backup, even after a clean.

If this happens after a clean-up, then the clean wasn’t deep enough.

Lux Restoration utilizes advanced deodorization techniques to eliminate sewage smells from carpets, furniture, and subflooring.

We also employ industrial-grade air purifiers to remove lingering odors and ensure a fresh, clean environment.

Will my homeowner's insurance cover the sewage backup cleanup?
Many homeowner’s insurance policies cover sewage backup damage.

Lux Restoration will help you with the insurance claim process. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to streamline your claim and ensure you receive the coverage you deserve.

Sewage Cleanup service area

With 15 sewage cleanup and restoration offices located strategically across Long Island and New York, there’s always a local team near your property. We are on-site within an hour and start restoration services immediately.