Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Service

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Service

Save Your Property With A Rapid Response In 60 Minutes

Get your Long Island property completely restored from fire and smoke damage with our 24/7 rapid response service.

With over 20 years of experience, Lux is the trusted fire damage restoration service for Long Island residents who want to see their property restored to pre-loss conditions.

Quality rebuild

We restore your property to its pre-loss condition

Certified technicians

Our expert team is IICRC- and EPA-certified.

Fast cleanup times

We save your property from further damage with a speedy recovery process.

Free insurance aid

We work with all insurance companies for fair compensation.

Safety first

We minimize risk by extracting all damaged material and toxic chemicals

24/7 emergency service

Our fire damage repair team gets to you within one hour.

What Our Customers Say

We hired Lux after we had a chimney fire. We had extensive smoke damage throughout our entire house. Bill and his amazing team went above and beyond and handled everything. They were quick to come in and do a full mitigation of our entire house – structure and contents; and Bill was in contact with our insurance company. They made a stressful situation into an easy process. Would highly recommend!

– Laura Hengerie

Bill and his team have been amazing. I had a huge repair work in the kitchen and they took care of every little thing without me having to supervise. Bill even worked directly with my insurance company to get a claim filed and followed up to ensure it was approved, paid and closed. I would highly recommend them to anyone who want home repairs or any kind of reconstruction done.

– Richard Maddela

A big thank you to Bill Giardelli. This is now the second occasion we’ve had to use Lux Development Group for an important renovation project at our home, and both times they exceeded our highest expectations. From conception through the smallest detail in the execution, they are skilled in their craft and driven by a desire to make their clients happy… and we certainly are. Will ABSOLUTELY use Lux again.

– Clarity Cottage

Emergency fire damage remediation in 60 minutes

A fire is devastating for your property – especially without direct remediation.

Lux immediately dispatches rapid-response fire cleanup services, with teams on standby 24/7 to start fire damage removal in just one hour.

Our 15 offices are strategically located across New York to minimize wait times and halt further damage.

emergency board up
emergency board up

Emergency board-up for safe property salvaging

When fire damage is extensive but the property and valuables are salvageable, boarding up the property prevents further damage.

We board up compromised windows and drywalls and install roof tarps before we begin fire damage restoration.

This keeps the site in shape for fire damage restoration efforts later on.

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke damage

Fire causes structural damage, but smoke damage often inflicts even more harm than the fire itself.

Toxic chemicals in smoke can severely damage valuables before the flames even reach them.

This calls for specialized smoke damage restoration. We use specialized cleaning solutions to penetrate and remove layers of smoke damage.

We handle your insurance claim at no added cost

The last thing you want after experiencing a devastating house fire is to deal with insurance companies.

That’s why we handle the paperwork for you.

We are experienced with all insurance providers and fight for fair compensation – at no additional cost.

Why choose Lux for fire damage repair?

Lux is the trusted choice for property owners to restore their Long Island property from fire damage, however extensive.

Our fully certified restoration professionals understand and treat all types of damages that occur during a house fire, including:

Structural fire damage
Soot build-up
Smoke damage and odor
Water damage from firefighting
Mold growth
Chemical contamination

After completing the fire damage removal, our restoration team takes great care to fully reconstruct your property to pre-loss conditions. We also handle claims with all major insurers.

Our compassionate and professional team is available and ready for dispatch 24/7, so you can rely on us when emergencies strike.

How to deal with fire-damaged property

1. Safety first

Don’t return to your property unless the fire department says it’s safe. Before entering, turn off electricity and gas.

2. Check for hazards

Watch out for power lines, gas leaks, and structural damage. Avoid standing water.

3. Call Fire cleanup

Fast response mitigates further damage. We arrive within 60 minutes of your call.

What to do after a fire

Limit movement

Limit contamination within the property and the spread of soot.

Cover high-traffic areas

Cover high-traffic areas with clean towels or linens

Change filters

After a home fire, change your HVAC filter.

What not to do after a fire

Don’t clean property

Cleaning without expert guidance can lead to further damage.

Don’t touch soot

Touching sooty surfaces can cause further damage and permanent stains.

Don’t use electricity

The wiring can be damaged or wet and cause electric shocks

What is our fire damage restoration process?

Lux excels at getting fire-damaged properties to their pre-loss condition thanks to our proven restoration process.

Our fire damage repair team uses these six steps to raise your property from the ashes.

commercial storm damage

1. Damage assessment

We conduct a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the fire, soot, and smoke damage.

2. Securing the property

We board up compromised windows and walls, and place roof tarps to prevent further damage.

3. Water removal and drying

If firefighting efforts have caused water damage, we pump out water and dry out the property with dehumidifiers.

4. Smoke and soot removal

We use specialized equipment to remove smoke and soot residue from all surfaces.

5. Cleaning and sanitizing

Our specialized cleaning and deodorization products restore a safe living environment.

6. Property restoration

We fully rebuild your property, from floors to drywalls and all other necessary structural repairs.


What is fire damage restoration?
Fire damage restoration is the process of mitigating and repairing the damage to private or commercial property caused by fire.

In reality, fire damage restoration involves many steps: Securing the site, undertaking post-firefighting water damage restoration, removing smoke and soot residue, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, salvaging personal belongings, deodorizing any affected areas, and reconstructing structural damage to their pre-loss condition.

We cover every step of the fire damage and restoration process, from the initial emergency response to structural restoration.

How much does fire damage restoration cost?
The costs of fire damage restoration can vary wildly depending on the extent of the damage and the services required. The good news? Your insurance typically covers those costs.

Lux works closely with all insurance providers to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for homeowners and business owners. We believe in fair compensation and charge no costs for our insurance aid.

Can soot and smoke damage be removed from upholstery and fabrics?
Soot and smoke damage can often be removed from upholstery and fabrics – but be careful, as household products often cause further damage.

Professional fire damage restoration companies like Lux use specialized cleaning techniques and solutions to save your furniture from ruin.

Our cleanup professionals hold the latest restoration certifications and use state-of-the-art equipment, like vacuums designed for soot removal and industrial dehumidifiers, to clean and deodorize affected upholstered furniture and fabrics.

How do you eliminate smoke odors after a home fire?
Odor removal after a property fire is a challenge without professional deodorization. We put specialized equipment to work, like air scrubbers that effectively eliminate stubborn smoke odors from affected properties.
Do I need a certified fire damage restoration company?
Fires cause all kinds of structural damage and health hazards that call for proper, professional attention. By hiring a certified fire damage restoration company, you ensure the safe restoration of your property and minimize future health risks for its occupants.

As Long Island’s trusted professionals, we are on top of the latest industry standards and best practices in fire damage restoration. Lux fully complies with all regulations and safety standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Can my personal belongings be restored after a fire?
Depending on the extent of the damage, many of your valuables can be restored after a house fire. However, these objects must be treated as soon as possible and professionally.

We try to salvage as much of your personal property as possible. Lux Restoration has the expertise and equipment to clean and restore a wide range of personal, from electronics to furniture. Off-site restoration or storage may be necessary in some cases.

Fire damage restoration service area

With 15 fire damage restoration and repair offices located strategically across Long Island and New York, there’s always a local team near your property. We are on-site within an hour and start restoration services immediately.