Lux Sewer Damage Cleanup

Sewage Damage Restoration


Sewer damage restoration can be complex. There are a number of things that can cause sewage backups, and the mess it leaves behind is contaminated with dangerous bacteria. Then there’s the odor. We’ve developed a checklist of things to do in order to reverse the damage.

Water damage is BAD

sewer damage is WORSE

It’s important to call in professionals like Lux Restorations when faced with sewer damage. It’s a literal ticking time bomb where every second you wait to reach out to us means more contamination. Regular water extraction methods are not sufficient, as time progresses things rapidly get worse.


Time is so critical in these conditions because bacteria can spread quickly. Within a short time frame, aerosol contamination within a confined house can lead to potential illness from inhalation alone. That’s right, the sewage contamination can become so dense that it can become airborne, and you can fall ill just from breathing it in.


Mold Remediation

Because of the organic material in sewage, your property is even more susceptible to mold than from normal storm drains overflowing. In a humid environment with temperatures above 55 degrees mold can appear after floodwaters within 48 hours.

After sewage damage, in the right conditions, it can begin growing in just 24 hours.

Cleanup Services

When we need additional cleanup help we rope in our cleanup team to scrub down carpets, power wash walls, make use of bacteria-killing chemicals as well as odor-fighting chemicals which can often be a problem in the aftermath of restoration effort

Storm Restoration

Sewage damage is the result of faulty systems, old sewer pipes, roots from trees cracking the lines, blockages, and of course storms causing backups flooding from storm drains mixing with crossover connections from sewer pipes and the pressure from the floodwater causing your sink and toilet to erupt.