Before mold claims your drywall, discover the critical timelines from the initial emergency response to full livable home recovery.


Whether it’s a leaky pipe or a climatic freak event, water damage hits hard and restoration cannot wait. Yet how long does water damage restoration take on Long Island, from the initial emergency call to affected areas getting back to normal?


On average, the water damage restoration timeline might be one to two weeks. But in reality restoration company’s timeframes greatly vary depending on the type of water damage, amount of water, extent of the damage, and more.


Below is an average timeline breakdown:

Phase Average time passed
Initial 24/7 emergency response 1 hour
Water extraction and removal of saturated materials 24-48 hours
Drying structure and contents to safe moisture levels 3-5 days
Surface restoration and repairs of water damage 1-2 weeks
Structural repairs of major water damage 1+ months
Insurance claim filing and support Ongoing until settled


The scale of damage, amount of water, and materials affected all impact timeframes. But for most water emergencies, property owners can expect certified restoration companies to work urgently and have homes restored within 1-2 weeks. 


The restoration process itself involves many steps – assessing damage, drying out the property, preventing mold growth, and repairing structural damage. It can be a stressful situation for homeowners who are often already distressed from the initial water incident itself. 


Broad timelines don’t help to alleviate stress when mildew is already claiming wood floors and drywalls. This article shines light on the water damage restoration timeline for water damage to private and commercial property on Long Island.


So how long does water damage restoration take? Read on to find out.


Water damage restoration can’t wait. Call or contact Lux for an immediate emergency response, expert restoration, and seamless insurance claim support.  


Water damage on Long Island – a serious threat

Water damage restoration is an unfortunate necessity for many Long Island property owners


Something as simple as a water leak can already incur a significant amount of structural damage, with 10% of US homes leaking water at 90 gallons or more per day and collectively wasting one trillion gallons of water, according to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 


“Water damage is definitely impacting the commercial real estate industry,” said Rob Sullivan, Real Estate Industry Practice Lead at insurance company The Hartford, in an interview with publication Risk & Insurance. “It’s now a leading cause of commercial property losses across all real estate asset classes, as well as hospitality risks,” Sullivan commented.


“A seal isn’t right, a pipe cracked and boom, there’s water damage, and it could be hidden or left undetected,” Sullivan added. In fact, data from 75% of water damage losses are caused by plumbing, HVAC systems and other appliances that discharge liquid accidentally, data from the property insurer shows. 


For Long Island homeowners, however, water damage is not just the result of a cracked pipe – it’s an environmental hazard. Flooding has already cost US taxpayers over $850 billion in flood damage since 2000 and is responsible for two-thirds of all natural disaster costs, research from non-profit FloodDefenders shows. 

Flooding has cost US taxpayers $850 billion since 2000

flood damage cost


And with approximately 15% of Long Island properties at moderate to severe risk of flooding today, as news outlet Newsday reports, homeowners urgently need water extraction and appropriately timed repairs. 


How long does water damage restoration take on average?

Dealing with water damage is a stressful and urgent situation for any property owner. Upon discovering a leak, burst pipe, flood, sewage backup, or any water emergency, contacting a professional restoration service quickly is vital to minimize further building deterioration and permanent losses.


So how long does water damage restoration take from that initial emergency call to getting your home back to normal?


When dealing with new water damage and light to moderate damage, the complete water damage restoration process by restoration experts generally takes one to two weeks. When dealing with extensive structural damage, the whole process can take anywhere from one to several months


Within these broader timeframes, let’s look at the specific phases in the water removal and repair process.


Initial Response: 1 hour

Once detected, it becomes crucial for property owners to address water damage promptly to prevent further harm and mitigate repair costs. But how long does water damage take to show?


In general, water damage can become apparent within hours to days after the initial water incursion. For example, standing water can seep into building materials within an hour, leading to potential structural damage and mold growth within 24 to 48 hours. 


After receiving an emergency call, restoration companies move fast to ensure water damage mitigation. Lux Restoration dispatches their rapid response team to the property within 1 hour.


Equipped with drying technology, protective equipment, and moisture meters, this team maps affected areas and the extent of the damage. This includes classifying water type (clean water, gray, or black water) and measuring moisture content. 


Water Extraction and removal of saturated materials: 24-48 Hours

The immediate priority is extracting standing water from the property. When dealing with black water, this becomes even more important to avoid the spread of contaminants. Professional water damage restoration services use state-of-the-art equipment like commercial vacuums and sump pumps to extract standing water, followed by the removal of waterlogged materials that are beyond repair.


Dumpsters are supplied for the immediate disposal of damaged materials including insulation. Over 24-48 hours, the bulk of moisture is eliminated through extraction and disposal to prepare for drying.


Drying and dehumidifying to safe moisture levels: 3-5 days

Following the water mitigation phase, the next aim is to lower the moisture content in structural elements and inhibit mold growth. Restoration companies use commercial dehumidifiers and air movers to dry materials. How long does it take to dry out water damage?


It takes approximately three to five days after the initial response and 24/7 dehumidification to get back to safe moisture levels, with restoration experts carefully monitoring all affected areas, moving equipment and redirecting airflow accordingly.


Surface restoration and repairs of moderate water damage: 1-2 weeks

After the drying process the focus shifts to restoration work. When dealing with moderate water damage, the restoration experts are now getting the property back to habitable condition.


The restoration company works on mold remediation, which involves eliminating any mold growth and spores that may have developed. After mold removal, water restoration services sanitize all affected areas to neutralize odors and contaminants. Ductwork is professionally cleaned to remove microbial buildup. Other minor repairs include refinishing affected wood floors, repainting walls and ceilings, and replacing any damaged drywall


For light to moderate water damage, the whole restoration process can often be completed within one to two weeks. Yet timelines vary greatly at this stage, with new water damage taking less time to repair than structural damages caused by severe flooding or sewage contamination


Structural repairs of major water damage: 1+ months

For major water damage, extensive structural repairs or a full rebuild may be necessary, extending the whole restoration timeline by months or even a year from the initial mitigation and drying phase to final rebuild completion.


Major structural repairs include replacing damaged wood studs, insulation, and possibly subflooring if saturation was severe. Tiling, cabinets, countertops, and other built-in elements may need removal and installation of new materials. 


In extreme situations, the entire flooring system or sections of framing require rebuilding. Whole-room or home renovation projects related to water disasters can take many months, given the planning, permitting, demolitions/construction, and installations involved. 


The overall scope of rebuilding is influenced by the original water damage assessment and water mitigation efforts, which is why it’s so important to act swiftly and competently. But in general, property owners facing major water damage on Long Island can expect 1-4 months until restoration is completed and their home is once again fully livable or commercial property up and running.


Insurance Claim Support: Ongoing Until Settled

The last thing property owners want when facing extensive water damage is having to deal with paperwork and insurance companies. Water restoration services like Lux handle insurance claims from A to Z, often resulting in zero out-of-pocket expenses and peace of mind for homeowners.


They provide continual insurance claims support including documentation, pricing lists, and acting as a liaison. There are no administrative fees taken from settled claim amounts, which fully cover performed restoration.


Professional water damage restoration with Lux

When it comes to water restoration processes, timelines vary greatly depending on the type and extent of the water damage. Professional water damage restoration companies must clearly communicate expected timeframes while efficiently restoring properties to livable conditions ASAP. 


But how long does water damage restoration take on average?


As we’ve seen in this article, the restoration process can take one to two weeks from start to finish in most cases. Significant damage, however, can push back this timeline by months. 


Having a compassionate and experienced water damage restoration company that adheres to timelines and commitments is crucial, both to homeowners’ property and peace of mind


With seventeen years of experience servicing Long Island, Lux Restoration sets itself apart with 24/7 emergency water removal, clean-up, and dry-out services for water damage caused by accidents or natural disasters. 


The restoration company provides accurate testing and immediate responses to water damage calls, and their remediation specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to detect and remove hidden moisture, mold, and mildew. Their water damage repair service also handles sanitizing and disinfecting of affected areas to neutralize odors and provide a clean, healthy living environment.


Facing water damage on Long Island? Call or contact Lux Restoration now for immediate 24/7 emergency response, expert restoration, and hassle-free insurance claim support. Your home deserves the best care.