Lux Post-Restoration cleanup

Lux Post-Restoration cleanup

Restoration Cleanup

Restoration CLEANUP

The cleanup crew in a restoration company plays one of the most vital roles. In almost every situation they are needed. 

Cleanup Crew

Only half the job is complete until the cleanup crew gets involved. Cleanup involves making sure there are no trace amounts of bacteria or opportunities for mold to grow and that your property is restored almost as clean as it was before the damage.

Flood & Fire

We have years of experience in emergency fire restoration.  It’s important that you contact us quickly because in order to save as much as can we often have to perform emergency board up services. You aren’t just another job, we identify with displaced families and take care to do as good a job for you as possible.


Sewage damage is the result of faulty systems, old sewer pipes, roots from trees cracking the lines, blockages, and of course storms causing backups flooding from storm drains mixing with crossover connections from sewer pipes and the pressure from the floodwater causing your sink and toilet to erupt.