Water, Mold, and Fire Restoration Services on Long Island

Water, Mold, and Fire Restoration Services on Long Island

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Water damage repair

Mold damage restoration

Fire restoration

Commercial storm damage

Flood cleanup services

Sewage cleanup

What Our Customers Say

“Lux was a LIFE SAVER! Waking up to a flooded basement was one of the worst feelings. And after calling another place that was absolutely NO help, stumbling upon LUX Restoration was a God send.”

– Michele F., Flood Damage in Setauket, NY

“Lux Restoration, Bill Giardelli, and his colleague Thomas Cortex were wonderful to work with. They were very responsive, including on the weekend at what most would regard as an inconvenient hour, they were very thorough in investigating the cause of the flooding, finding not just one but several causes showing that they made sure that they did not miss anything, and they were very reasonable in their costs for doing everything from start to finish.”

– Lawrence J., Flood Damage in Stony Brook, NY

“Lux cleaned up the water damage to the basement, in addition to removing the old walls which had mold and the asbestos tile floor. They removed the old Cellotex ceiling, tested for asbestos in the home, and restored the basement. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.”

– Barbara M., Water Damage Restoration in Coram, NY

Dry your property in 24 hours

Mold can spring from water damage in less than a day. Anything from a leaky washing machine to a burst pipe can start the rot.

A restoration company is the best way to stop the spread.

Lux will:

  1. Cut the problem off at the water source
  2. Apply rapid water extraction
  3. Dry the affected areas with industrial dehumidifiers.

Stop the rot: Beat mold before it beats you

Mold growth is faster than you think! Don’t let mildew morph into a monstrous mess.

Lux’s certified squad are eradication experts. We have IICRC & EPA stripes that help us vanquish mold forever.

We treat the root, so those spores stay banished.

Fight back against fire damage

Our 24/7 crew arrives in 60 minutes to combat structural damage caused by fire.

We secure your property and eliminate smoke odors.

Our certified professionals can then help rebuild your home.

Deal with any storm disaster

Storms are getting more frequent across Long Island and property owners must be ready when disaster strikes.
Lux’s storm recovery process includes help with:

  • Water damage: We extract water and dry everything out with sump pumps.
  • Wind damage: We repair damaged doors and windows, and get your building secure.
  • Structural damage: We’ll get your property back to its old self.

Don’t let flood damage sink you

Floods are scary, but our expert water removal will make them a distant memory.

We deal with all types of flood-related issues from standing water to wet drywalls, and we’ll sanitize and disinfect a flooded space.

Extract, clean, and restore – the Lux way.

Discreet sewage cleanup for when the going gets tough

Don’t let a sewage backup disrupt your life. Our rapid response team is ready to handle any situation.

Here’s what sets Lux apart:

  • Certified for safe and effective sewage cleanup.
  • Discreet cleaning methods that minimize disruption.
  • Permanent removal of odors with deep sanitizing.

We’ve helped homeowners and companies with fire, water, and mold remediation in Long Island for over 20 years

Nassau County

We cover all of nassau and can reach the queens border in under 60 minutes.

  • Oyster Bay
  • North Hempstead
  • Manhasset
  • East Hills
  • New Hide Park
  • Port Washington
  • Roslyn
  • Sea Cliff
  • Syosset
  • Thomaston
  • Upper Brookville
  • Wilston Park

Suffolk County

We are headquatered in the heart of Suffolk County.

  • Huntington
  • Smithtown
  • Deer Park 
  • Cold Spring Harbor
  • Commack
  • Miller Place
  • Old Field
  • Poquott
  • Port Jefferson
  • Stony Brook
  • Saint James
  • Strong Necks

The Hampton

We are proud to cover the Hamptons within our network.

  • East Hampton
  • West Hampton
  • Sag Harbour
  • Hampton Bay
  • Sagaponack
  • Bridgehampton
  • Montauk
  • Amagansett
  • Quogue
  • Southhampton
  • East Quogue
  • Water Mill

Hit by a natural disaster? Don’t panic

Staying calm and acting fast is the smartest move during an emergency.

Here’s how Lux gets you back to 100%

1. Stop the threat

We identify the source of the damage and make sure the area is completely safe.

2. Secure & assess

We assess the damage, documenting everything for insurance claims.

3. Minimize damage

We extract water, remove odors – anything it takes to protect your property from further damage

4. Restoration

We clean and restore salvageable belongings, minimizing losses

5. Reconstruction

Our team rebuilds and sanitizes your property, restoring it to its pre-disaster condition.

6. Lasting Quality

We go the extra mile! Rigorous inspections guarantee a successful restoration.


What is water damage restoration?
Water damage restoration tackles the aftermath of unexpected water intrusion.
From leaky water heaters to overflowing gutters, these services help restore your home. Professionals like Lux handle everything: stopping the water source (mitigation) and drying everything out.

This involves extracting standing water, using dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and dry building materials (floors, walls), and monitoring progress with moisture meters.

Finally, they may repair or replace damaged materials to make your property whole again.

How long does water damage restoration take?
The water damage restoration process depends on the situation. A larger flooded basement will take longer than a small leak while drying porous materials like drywall is faster than concrete or furniture.

Professional water damage restoration companies use powerful equipment and techniques to speed up drying, aiming for 24 hours to minimize mold risk. This is an estimate, though.

For the most accurate timeframe, call Lux for an assessment after a water emergency.

How does Lux handle insurance claims?
Lux handles insurance claims for all of our projects, not just water damage restoration.

We have a long history of working with all major insurance companies and a successful track record of getting our customers the correct compensation.

Can I handle water damage restoration myself?
For minor leaks, you might be able to mop up the water and dry the area thoroughly. However, even small leaks can cause hidden moisture problems and lead to black or white mold growth later.

A professional company can use moisture meters to detect hidden moisture and carry out a complete drying process to prevent further issues.

How can I tell if I have mold in my home?
Visible mold growth is a clear sign, but sometimes mold can lurk behind walls or ceilings and become visible in patches (sometimes less than two square feet) A musty odor or allergy-like symptoms can also indicate mold problems.
What should I do after a fire in my home?
Evacuate the building immediately and call the fire department. Once it’s safe to do so, contact your insurance company and a fire restoration company like Lux.
What kind of flood damage can Lux help with?
We handle all types of flood damage, from clean water (gray water) from overflowing appliances to contaminated flood water (black water) containing sewage.
No flooding incident is too big: we deal with commercial flood restoration as well as household inundations.
What are the health risks associated with sewage backups?
Sewage contains bacteria and pathogens that can cause serious health problems. It’s important to avoid contact with sewage water and call a professional sewage cleanup company to stop further damage.