Lux Flood and Fire Restoration

Lux Flood and Fire Restoration

Flood and Fire Restoration Services

Flood and Fire Restoration Services

Disasters that cause flooding or fire and smoke can cause alarming damage to your property. In some cases to prevent further damage requires emergency board up services. Don’t wait, call Lux Flood and Fire Restoration Services right away.

Fire burns fast! It takes less than 30 seconds for a small flame to become a full-blown life-threatening house fire. Within minutes thick black smoke can fill the air and call for immediate evacuation. 

Emergency Board Up

When there is a lot of damage from fire, but the structure is salvageable and valuables can be saved, there are cases that call for Emergency Board Up of the property. This is done to prevent further damage to the property and to keep the site in the best possible condition to make restoration efforts more effective.

Smoke damage

Unless your whole house is burnt to the ground, oftentimes smoke damage can cause more damage than the fire itself. While fire can cause structural damage, smoke and toxic chemicals within it can drastically damage valuables before the fire even gets to them. Damaged valuables need special care to be taken in order to restore them to their former state. Regular cleaning items won’t cut it, which is why the Lux Fire Restoration team brings chemicals that can eat through the impenetrable layers of damage.

Cleanup Services

When we need additional cleanup help we rope in our cleanup team to scrub down carpets, power wash walls, make use of bacteria-killing chemicals as well as odor-fighting chemicals which can often be a problem in the aftermath of restoration effort


More than one-quarter of all fires are house fires. Over 300,000 structure fires were started in a residence last year. Many houses become unsalvagable because the occupants waited too long to contact professional restoration services. don’t be a statistic, learn more about residential restoration.